Legendarium Studio: The Sunset Kingdom 



"The Sunset Kingdom" is a fan made project that was inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien`s books and Peter Jackson`s movies. Our group is filming a short music video about events occurred during the War of the Ring in north-east of Middle-Earth. The main plot concearns king Thranduil`s struggle with forces of Sauron sent to conquer Woodland Realm. 



Our team set a goal to prove that inspiration, creativity and the highest form of fan enthusiasm provide the possibility to acheive great results. We have many people working in our team: designers, craftsmen, artists, make-up artists, fight directors, costume designers, actors and many others — all united by the passion to the world of Middle-Earth.


"The Sunset Kingdom" is non-commercial fan-made project. All rights belong to their rightholder.

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